Tennis two hand backhand

Tennis two hand backhand

Tennis two hand backhand by tennisinpittsburgh

Tennis two handed backhand

The two handed backhand in tennis is a veritable weapon. One handed players wish the stroke was illegal and banned from the game. Most one handed tennis players defeat two handed players in spite of the one handed stroke–not because of it. That being said–I played with one hand because it fit my personal style of serve and volley. The asethetics and beauty of the one handed shot can not be matched,

That being said–if you want to win and learn the backhand in tennis quicker and easier follow this advice.

The player uses a continental grip with the dominant hand and a full eastern backhand grip with the non dominant hand. The player rotates with a short preparation and a low drop of the racket head before the forward swing.

Ball contact is made early and in front of the body with a vertical racket face. The path of the swing is low-to-high and the finish is long in the front with the elbows up.

Contact me or another USPTA pro to learn this stroke effectively. One needs a USPTA pro with a previous ranking of at least top 20 in the US to learn the stroke properly. Call me for a referral.