Tennis Serve and Volley in Doubles

Tennis Serve and Volley in Doubles

The Serve and Volley in Doubles is not antiquated especially in the game of doubles.

In this video Rinaldo and Dave will model and demonstrate the server and the servers’s partners roles and goals in doubles.

The servers goal is to hit an agressive, spin serve and to follow the delivery to the first volley position near the service line. The server plays a conservative volley away from the receiver’s partner and at the feet of the receiver.

The server’s partner is positioned 10 feet from the net and is posied to attack and poach or fake on every delivery from the server. The server’s partner will distract the receiver with fakes and poaches but will not cross the ethical line of code.

Follow what you learned in this video and you will succeed as a server and a server’s partner. Call me for a lesson and i will work with you to develop these skill sets.

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