Forehand Volley

Tennis Forehand Volley

Tennis Forehand Volley by tennisinpittsburgh

Do you find that you are missing easy volleys in matches? Change tennis pros.

The teaching of the volley is woeful as most pros fill the last five minutes of the lesson with volleys and position the player two feet from the net. Learn to volley from 10 feet from the net so that you have a chance to cover an effective lob.

Hold the continental grip so you are never in the wrong grip. Change when there is time and with practice one has the time to change grips 93 per cent of the time. The limitations of the continental grip is it is not optimal for a forehand volley.

The hands for should be high and in front of the body with the weight slightly forward and the body erect. Do not take a backswing.(The volley is one of the only things in life in which less is more.)

When the ball arrives move “feet-first” with tiny steps. Punch nor stick the volley in front of the body. With no follow-through–recover for the next stroke.(It usually requires two volleys to win the point.)

The first volley is deep and down the line in singles. The second volley is short and into the open cross-court. In doubles the volley is directed at the feet of an opponent and usually toward the opponent closer to the net.

When you coach or pro says:”We have five minutes left–let’s hit some volleys–call me immediately to schedule a lesson. The other pro changer is the instructor who says:”We will serve next week.”