Tennis Doubles Strategies

Tennis Doubles Strategies

Tennis Doubles Tips and Strategies

4 Tips for doubles strategy in tennis

Doubles in tennis is not singles. The game of doubles is first serve, first volley, and return of serve.

Doubles is angles and net play; singles is length, will, and baseline jousting.

The four positons of doubles in tennis involve specific skill-sets that will be highlighted in this video:

Doubles Strategy for Tennis
Tips for Doubles Tennis

1. Serve

The player should attempt to get the first serve in the court and follow it to the net. When the serving team is successful with the first serve and the volley, they win the point 70 per cent of the time.

2. Server’s Partner

The server’s partner should poach or fake a poach on every serve. He or she is a force on every point and has equal responsibility for holding serve. The server’s partner should be aggressive on balls in the middle and should cover lobs over his or her head.

3. Receiver

The receiver has an ominous task in returning the serve into the opposing court. The hierarchy of returns are get it over the net and into the court, keep it away from the net player, and lob at times to discourage promiscuous poaching. The returns should be varied.

4. The Receiver’s Partner

The receiver’s partner is lovingly called the “watch dog in waiting.” He or she cuts off any floating balls and covers the middle of the court to distract the opposing players from easy volleys.
The receiver’s partner should be aggressive at all times and be a distraction on every shot. He or she will make some risky movements in the interest of distracting the opponents in an ethical manner.

Practice these four tennis doubles strategy and you will double your fun and your success in the great game of doubles.

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