Tennis Singles Strategy

Singles Strategy

Singles Strategy is under estimated

Singles strategy is under-estimated by players below the level of 5.5. The fundamental strategy is to hit high and deep and force an error or a weak shot.

The effective player hits crosscourt shots when pulled wide and “blows the ball” down the line when receiving a short ball in the middle of the court.

The low, short ball is hit as an approach down the line as the player advances to the net in classic style. The point is set up with an angled volley of smash ending the point.

Singles strategy is determined by the developmental level of the player and his or her position on the court. Minimizing netted errors is the first priority. Keeping the ball away from the middle of the court keeps one in a neutral position and prevents an attack from an opponent.

Developing a strong serve and return are tools the advanced player can use to control the point from the outset.

Most strategies fail because the player implements tactics that they do not own.

The first step is to take lessons from a pro with a record of high performance and no excuses for not playing at s higher level.

Tennis Singles Strategy