Tennis Backhand

The Tennis Backhand Drive

One Hand Backhand by tennisinpittsburgh

The backhand drive is necessary to effectively compete in the modern game of tennis. There are two types of backhands: the one-hand and the two hand.

The one hand backhand stroke is hit with an eastern backhand grip. The preferred two hand backhand stroke is ideally hit with an eastern grip with the non dominant hand and a continental grip with the dominant hand.

The backhand drive should be hit with a moderate amount of topspin and directed deep into the court. The cross court drive is a high percentage shot that passes over the lowest part of the net and enables the player to recover quickly for the next stroke.

The one hand backhand drive involves early contact in front of one’s body. The swing path is low to high and the follow-through is high and over the dominant shoulder with a rotating hinge.

The two hand backhand drive is hit with the non-dominant hand accerating on a low to high swing path and a vertical racket face. The follow through is high and in front of one’s body with both elbows up.

Varieties of the one hand and two hand backhand will accompany future videos.